Ticketing Software As A Major Business Solution

Organizations nowadays deal with a huge number of clients, and there is always the possibility of issues cropping up. Businesses that have implemented ticketing systems can capture all the problems that are reported by customers and employees then address them systematically.

Previously, ticketing was achieved primarily through email. This proved to be a challenge as there was no sure way of knowing if a ticket had been read and if appropriate measures were been taken to fix a problem. Ticketing systems ensure that issues can be organized in a chronological order and then sent to the right department. This maximizes the possibility of a timely resolution to the problem.

What is IT ticketing

An IT ticketing system is a computer software that helps to manage and orderly maintain a list of possible issues that have been submitted to an organization. In most cases, IT ticketing systems are suitable for multiple departments within an organization such as IT and client support. It can be very useful in creating, updating, and resolving issues that are continuously being reported.

IT ticketing systems ensure that support is undertaken in an efficient, effective, organized, and focused manner. Customer support has a direct impact on the operations of the company. Good customer support can lead to customer retention, the creation of a positive public image, and a corresponding increase in revenues.

The Benefits of Using a Dedicated Ticketing Program

The other option of using a dedicated ticketing program is through the email programs of the company. However, email can slow down business processes since it makes the tracking of information a complicated process. Some of the advantages associated with dedicated programs are:

  • Centralization of information lightens the burden of tracking data, and it also serves as a system record.
  • It helps managers to keep track of an employee’s progress since tracking and reporting systems have been incorporated into the program.
  • Transparency is enhanced in the organization, since it enables easier viewing of the departments that keep receiving more requests. Therefore, during resource allocation, managers can know the areas that need boosting.
  • Encourages collaboration between different departments since all company related information is stored in a single pool.

Cloud-based Ticket Systems

Both in-house and cloud-based ticketing systems are suitable options for a lot of companies. However it is the latter that is associated with greater merits thanks to the advancement and flexibility of cloud technology.

  • Having a cloud-based ticketing system enables organizations to achieve security and data synchronization of the highest level, allowing client issues to be resolved at any time.
  • Cloud-based ticketing systems are easily updated by the app host, hence eliminating the burden of undertaking constant updates by the IT personnel.
  • System automation can be achieved, freeing some time from the hands of IT personnel. Server maintenance is always assured and this prevents issues such as viruses and downtime which can plague local in-house servers.
  • Conversation history can be retrieved from cloud-based ticketing systems to help keep in touch with clients over an extended period.

Comparing Popular Ticket Softwares & Features

Live Agent

This one of the highly rated ticketing software options out there. It is used by some major multinational companies such as Huawei, BMW, and Orange. Clients are offered with a 15 day trial period. The software has more than 170 features that range from phone support, API's, live chat, and social media integration. The starting price is only $12 per month. It can be deployed on mobile handsets that have access to the cloud.

Vision Helpdesk

Despite the seemingly initial low cost, it is rated as the second best, and it has numerous features such as a Multi-brand Help Desk, Multi-channel Help Desk, and ITSM/ITIL help desk. It allows managing of different communication channels such as Facebook, e-mail, calls, web-forms, and Twitter at once.

MSP Anywhere

It is the third most used ticketing software that enables IT managers to resolve client issues without on-site presence. MSP Anywhere supports 2-way messaging, and it has a connection time of up to 5 seconds. The software supports remote login and can be used in conjunction with tools such as CMD and event viewer. It is also cloud-based, which eliminates the need for carrying out constant updates.