Antivirus & Firewall Software & Systems

Everyone should know that antivirus & firewall software is important to use, but you might not know why it’s important. This article is going to cover the main points of why you should be using antivirus & firewall software as well as some products that you might be interested in using. Here you will find what purpose antivirus & firewall software serves, why you should be using them, some basic software providers and some advanced antivirus & firewall systems. By the time you finish reading this article you should feel confident in protecting your devices, systems and all things connected to your network.

Understanding Antivirus & Firewall Software

Antivirus & firewall software combine their powers to form a tag team of protection to all your network connected devices. Antivirus software is installed on your device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) to protect it from viruses, malware and potential hackers. This protection is accomplished via several methods which include scanning files before downloading them, routine hard drive scans, checking a website’s credibility before visiting and keeping updated lists of known viruses. Scanning of files, both before and after downloading, is extremely helpful because it is often the first indicator that your device is being threatened. This will allow you to prevent downloading that file or deleting the file if you’ve already downloaded it. Devices without antivirus protection are at great risk of infection and malicious attack. Firewall software works by preventing unwanted connections from accessing your network. Firewalls defend against both incoming and outgoing connections. They function by blocking connections from programs or other computers unless you explicitly authorize them. Firewalls are the first line of defense to protect your network and all the devices connected to it.

Why You Should Use Antivirus & Firewall Software

Now that we have covered how antivirus & firewall software works, let’s go over why you should be using them. The main reason you should be using antivirus & firewall software is because they are basic measures and protections in place to protect your devices and everything you do on them. The loss or infection of this data would be devastating to most users. Another main reason to use these protections is because it helps prevent hackers from accessing your information. A firewall is a good means of prevention because it rejects connections from unknown outside sources. If your network does not have a firewall then there is no barrier between you and those that want to do you harm. The same can be applied to antivirus software. If you download a malicious file online and you don’t have antivirus then your machine is at great risk. Files infected with a virus have the ability to delete everything on your computer, steal your files, deny access until you pay a ransom and other nefarious actions.

Basic Antivirus Software Providers

Some basic antivirus & firewall software providers are Norton, McAfee, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast and many more. There are a lot of free and paid antivirus programs available, but they all perform pretty much the same actions. A paid service will typically give you more options for security whereas a free program will give you basic coverage. Basic firewall providers are ones that come installed with your respective operating system. Your router will also typically have firewall settings built in.

Advanced Antivirus & Firewalls Service Providers & Systems

There are some advanced firewall and antivirus systems available to users that give an increased level of protection to devices. A lot of these advanced systems are offered through the same providers which offer basic services. So Avast, Norton, McAfee and AVG to name a few. Other options include adding a physical firewall device into your network to act as a gateway between your devices and the internet.