VoIP and Business Phone Systems

Numerous determinants contribute to the overall success of a business such as proper management skills and practices, focused employees, efficient and effective communication, the presence of required equipment and enough business capital. By ensuring all areas of a business are taken care of, the business will thrive and succeed in the current competitive market. The introduction and implementation of various technologies and the internet in businesses have enhanced and improved communication channels. This has led to the adoption of VoIP phone systems in businesses over the traditional telephone systems that exist in most businesses as the main communication platform. A VoIP phone system offers numerous benefits such as cost-effectiveness and the delivery of high voice quality, which the normal telephone system cannot deliver. Additionally, VoIP offers other features like call waiting, call conferencing, fax to email and various menus for your customers with the aim of giving a business an extra competitive edge. In the end, businesses must evolve as time moves along to survive in the current harsh and highly competitive market and implementing this type of phone system will surely take a business a step higher than its competitors.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP technology is the ability of successfully transmitting various types of communication (data, voice, and video) over an internet connection. This system was initially referred to as internet telephone system, which essentially converts voice or sound media to compacted digital signals, which are easily translated to IP (internet protocol) packets. During the transmission of these packets, they are converted to regular telephone signals if the end user's use regular telephones. VoIP phone systems allow businesses and computer users to effortlessly make phone calls from their computers that are equipped with VoIP telephones. VoIP phone systems enable efficient and effective communication access from any location around the globe, which significantly reduces costs. Telephone calls are considerably costly, especially when they are made between two distant locations.

Why are Businesses using VoIP Phone Systems?

  1. Increased Productivity
    Every business aims to enhance its productivity and effectiveness, and VoIP phone systems ensure that a business’s productivity is increased. This is achieved by allowing employees to multitask without any interruptions within the office. The business will also have extra funds to allocate to other departments or other office needs as it will have a significantly reduced telephone bill. Lastly, VoIP phone calls deliver high-quality voice calls, which ensures that there is no information mix-up during a call, reduced dropped calls and lagging transmission.
  2. Simple installation process and use
    The installation of VoIP telephones and other related devices requires little knowledge and technical skills. This is made possible by the using a single cable to enable telephone and internet services simultaneously, unlike old telephone systems. VoIP also enhances the scalability of the communication infrastructure as new devices are easily added to the network without disrupting the effectiveness or flow of communication.
  3. Increased mobility and office flexibility
    VoIP phone systems enable its users to integrate additional software programs like e-fax, email, and remote office conferencing through internet telephones. This means that office employees can have a conversation through VoIP telephones while accessing work emails and other applications. Additionally, employees can carry their adapters to any remote location and hold online office conferences and conversations, so long as there is internet access. This increases employees' mobility as they can travel from one location to the next while maintaining constant communication with other colleagues present in the office.
  4. Cost Effectiveness
    Through the use of VoIP phone systems, internet telephone calls are considerably cheaper to make than traditional phone calls, especially over long distances or when making international calls. A business will only receive their monthly internet bill, which covers any VoIP or video conferencing calls made. This can save a business approximately 40 % to 90 % percent of their normal telephone call expenditure, which is an added benefit to the business.

Understand VoIP Service Packages

With each VoIP phone system, there are several VoIP features that are included to make up a specific VoIP service package. Some of these features include: business cloud, mobile solution, single and multi-user phone service, cloud telephony plans, VoIP add-ons, and SIP trunking. You should note that each ISP predetermines the features that make up particular packages. Some service packages may have a combination of these features, while the best packages may have all of them.