Internet Service Providers

The internet is going to be one of a consumer's key components if he or she is a small business owner, student or just a huge fan of streaming. That person will want to choose an internet service provider that provides high-quality services, affordable prices and excellent customer service. Those are the three qualities that a prospect can't compromise when looking for products. The following is a small list of a few of the top providers. Interested parties can compare the companies on this list and choose one that meets all of his or her needs.

The Top Internet Service Providers

Coming up with a list of top providers was tough because many great providers exist. However, these are the top ones:


Verizon is one of the top internet providers because of its quality and its positive customer service experience. It's also a longstanding contender. It has literally been around for decades.


AT&T is always a close contender with Verizon. It has a long history just like Verizon does, and its tenure earns the trust of many consumers.

Time Warner/Charter Communications

Time Warner is a well-known name although it trails behind the other two big names. Time Warner's Spectrum bundles are great for customers who do not need to reach 100+ internet speeds and can do fine with a little less. Charter purchased Time Warner a few years ago and combined to make them a huge provider.

Dish Network

Dish Network offers high-speed internet services to customers who prefer to have satellite. The company's high-speed internet is rather amazing.


Optimum is another company that has high-speed internet for a wonderful price with a bundle. It offers Triple Play packages just like Verizon does.

Most Popular Internet Service Plans

All of the top companies have some amazing bundled plans with a lot of options for consumers. Verizon has bundled packages that include television, cable and top-speed internet services for $79.99. Smaller packages exist for customers whose demands are not as great or budget is not as large. AT&T has a sweet plan with the cable, internet and phone for $99.99 a month. At&T offers $50 Visa cards to customers who place their orders online, as well. Time Warner and Charter prices are unbeatable. Consumers can get a high-speed internet connection as well as phone service for as little as $19.99 a month. Dish's prices range from $49.99 to $79.99 a month. All of the plans come with features such as free HD and free installation in up to six rooms. That's a great deal because not all companies offer the free installs. Optimum's plans start at about $24 for those who do not wish to bundle. They go up from there.

ISP Connection Speeds Compared

The Fios internet service that Verizon provides can give consumers up to 150 Mbps speeds on the internet. They can virtually download anything within seconds. The plans that AT&T offers for high-speed internet have speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Time Warner's Spectrum bundles are great for customers who do not need to reach 100+ internet speeds and can do fine with about 60. A speed of 60Mbps is quite powerful and will still allow a person to download something within seconds. In fact, the company refers to such speeds as "blistering." Dish Network's high-speed internet is capable of getting speeds as high as 1 Gbps. Optimum's Lightning-fast speed is approximately 200 Mbps..

Choosing the Best provider

Customers can review these top providers and find the perfect plan and company for their personal needs. They must remember, however, that the exact speeds depend on the location and the pricing deals are subject to change. Some companies may request that their customers sign contracts to receive the low prices. That means that the customers must agree to stay with the companies for a certain amount of time. Consumer reviews are important when selecting a provider, as well. Prospects should consider all of those factors and then choose the company that fits the best.