Business Internet & Phone Services

With communication being the backbone of every business, there is a need to ensure that internet and phone services are available and proficient for businesses at any level. To achieve their target, business owners should adopt relevant technology to remain at the peak of the competition. When it comes to business, quality is not an option. It is obvious that business owners are often overwhelmed when choosing the ideal service provider. Since continuity of operations is so important, the choice of service provider will always determine business growth and advancement. The phone services should also be modeled to ensure reliable communication is attained at all times with no downtime.

Phone Services (VoIP, landline, cell phones)

With the current hype over VoIP, many business owners are wondering whether to switch their business phone lines to the latest technology. It is a tricky situation to determine if one should consider landline or adopt VoIP (voice-over-internet protocol). The following are key factors indicating the advantage of the phone technology over the other in any situation.

  • User-friendliness
    The ability to make outgoing phone calls and be able to receive phone calls efficiently should be considered regardless of whether one is making local, national or international calls.
  • Quality of the sound
    VoIP line sound quality varies depending on the provider; it is noted that landline sound quality is better than most of the VoIP lines offered by many of the providers. VoIP audio is functional, but the problem comes in when the sound data is being transmitted, factors like potential interruptions and volume difference may come into play.
  • Power requirement
    Landline phones are not necessarily connected to electricity. Businesses can still use their phone service in the event of a power loss. On the other hand, VoIP is purely dependent on electricity. The sound delivery is done through a network and a real time internet connection.
  • Additional features
    VoIP comes with extra features promoting business communication as it enables call waiting, three- way calling, call blocking, voicemail, and caller ID recognition. VoIP also entails the use of a special adaptor connecting users to their internet service instead of telephone lines.
  • Reliability
    Landline phone service is the most reliable given that one can continue accessing phone services even during power outage compared to VoIP which works only when power is available. However, to manage a business and enjoy all the privileges business owners are advised to have both.
    The proponents of a cell phone always cite that cell phones are more reliable to business owners. Their ability to ignore power outages and their mobility make them valuable assets for businesses that want to conduct their work anywhere. 

Business owners should make their decision on their phone and internet services based on the above factors and the specifics of their business operations. Cost should not be the only determinant, though it may favor one approach over the other.

Internet Services(DSL, fiber optic)

Business owners are likely to come across fiber optic and DSL when shopping for their business. The distinction between the two is the way they transfer data, and each comes with unique advantages.

Fiber optics bring in technology that represents the future of internet. With the fastest upload speeds and downloads, fiber is the most reliable option and features no downtime. Most of the urban areas in the USA are connected with fiber. It will be a  prudent idea for business owners to take advantage of the expanded and increased area that fiber occupies and use it if it can.

DSL comes in two versions. These are SDSL and ADSL. SDSL allows phone lines only to be used on the internet while ADSL enables a phone line to be used for both DSL and calling. DSL is very slow when it comes to download and upload speeds hence it’s not advisable to have it. This is especially true when the business depends heavily on their internet service.

Most Popular Service Bundle for Business

It is always a wish of every businessman to receive a service worth their money. The most popular service bundle for business are Spectrum business, Mediacom Cable, Verizon Fios, Cable one business and Windstream.