Wearable Technology

Apple, Samsung, FitBit, Garmin, Oculus, HTC. If you're looking to purchase a smart watch or any kind or new wearable technology then I'm sure you've experienced the barrage of advertisements and false claims that are common place with these companies. Wearable's are a new sector of technology that every company is trying to get involved in, with varying levels of success. This article attempts to cut through the bias and fluff that surrounds many of these devices and provide an honest breakdown of the latest and greatest in this field.

Apple, Samsung,& Smartwatches

This sector of wearable is undoubtedly the most popular right now with two of the largest companies in tech competing to make the best smart watch. A smart watch is precisely what it sounds like, a wearable device that looks like a watch, but has a screen in place of a watch face and provides users with numerous functionalities such as responding to texts, receiving calls and viewing calendar events. For many people, the idea of not having to take out your phone to do all these things is very appealing, however many people come to realize that these devices don't actually provide them with any real benefit. However, if you know a smart watch is for you then continue reading to help decide which is your best option. The main competition in generic smart watches is between Apple and Samsung and people feel very torn about which one to buy, however the answer generally comes down to one question: What type of phone do you have. If you already have the latest iPhone, there's absolutely no reason for you to buy a Samsung watch as you wont be able to experience all the functionality these devices provide unless you have a Samsung phone and vice versa. If you simply want a smart watch and are not using it for a very specific purpose, going with your phone brand's smart watch is usually the way to go. The answer to this changes when you start talking about using it for specific tasks.

Fitness Tracking and Sports Tech

Fitness wearables are dominating the market right now with most people buying cheaper versions of smart watches that do more specific tasks such as tracking your run or counting calories, something Apple and Samsung watches can do as one of their features, but at a much higher price point. When it comes to these exercise focused devices, it is highly recommended that you purchase a FitBit. FitBit is the leading brand in fitness smart watches and is constantly updating their devices. FitBit offers a wide variety of functionality and price that should be able to suit the needs of all users so we highly recommend you go check them out.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality is still in its infancy and in the next few years, astronomical changes and advances will be developed making them a more widely used affordable form of media. Currently, Facebook's Oculus and HTC's VIVE are leading the way in this industry with their own standalone headset and sensors complete with a large library of games and media to view. However, the main downside is the price point of these devices. All headsets cost somewhere between $300 and $700, and this does not include the price of the powerful computer that is required to run these games. All in, it costs around $2000 to set up your own state of the art virtual reality environment, A price that is far too high for the level of content they have available right now. If you're interested in the virtual reality field but don't want to pay that much money, the best option is the $15 Google Cardboard that turns your mobile device into a virtual reality environment. It's a great way to explore this field and even has its own development kit so you can start making your own virtual reality experiences.

Pet Tracking GPS Devices

Pet technology has become a growing sector as more and more people are willing to pay to protect their pets. Out of this love grew the need for technology to create a way for people to always track their dog. Since their release, it has become clear that the market for this is enormous so companies have poured millions into developing the latest technologies in the hopes of convincing that 'Doggy Momma' that she needs this as much as her dog needs the food she buys. Luckily for the consumer, there is incredible variety in this area allowing for everyone's needs to be suited. If you want to learn more about pet technology, do a search for "Smart collars" or "GPS Pet Trackers" and you will find an extensive list of this years greatest pet wearables.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to provide you with the information you were looking for.