Smart TV and Whole Connected Home Technology

With the rush of the world’s technology to make everything internet-connected, home stands out to be the most potential for change and a long lasting effect. There are certainly more efforts to make the smart home technology better every day, but with the handful of experiments tested, it is proving to bring more convenience than frustrations. Using devices such as the Net cam, Sonos speaker, nest protect, smart bulbs, smart Wi-Fi thermostat, Wemo switch, Roomba and smart Television, The whole connected home means all the devices are controlled at a touch of a button on your smartphone, or they automatically adjust to the mood of the room.

What is Smart TV?

Just like a smartphone, smart TVs refers to a trend of integrating internet connection technology into a TV set. It is equivalent to a built in computer accessing number of services. More precisely, smart TVs may have more or less of the following features, though it is not a necessity to have all. The marketing features vary depending on the manufacturer and age of the TV. A new smart TV will have lot more features than a three-year-old smart TV such as

  • Apps and games; with a smart TV, a user can play a game such as angry birds at the comfort of their couch. Apps such as Netflix, BBC iplayer, and YouTube are also accessible to smart TVs.
  • Social networks; apart from Skype video conferencing, a user can access Facebook alongside other internet based networks
  • Video playback using USB/DLNA; older versions were able to play video via USB, but they were restricted only to AVI and FAT32 drives. With DLNA streaming smart TV can play all formats of video using a server network responsible for transcoding any video to compatible formats
  • Voice and gesture control; smart TVs comes with inbuilt Wii remote like devices that enable the user to control the TV using a hand wave or a shout to it. However, the feature is not purely effective but there is an improvement on new versions.
  • Smartphone connectivity; a user can stream and share content on the big screen using their phone.

Which is the Best Smart TV?

The following are the Best Smart TVs in the Market;

  • Sony XBR-Z9D Series: Comes with stunning HDR picture quality, Android platform, and quality audio
  • LG Signature Series W7 OLED: With very slim design, the LG product comes with future-proof HDR alongside ground- breaking light, contrast, and color
  • Samsung QLED Q9F: Coming with high definition standard dynamic range with unprecedented color levels and ultra-high brightness
  • Sony Bravia A1E OLED: This brand is substitute to those who won’t like LG’s OLED; Sony OLED comes with innovative and excellent sound, eye cutting picture quality and startling monolithic design
  • Samsung K5600 Series: This is the best smart TV coming with a small screen. Samsung K5600 series has attractive design and strong HD picture quality

The Future of Home Technology and Home Connectivity

The future life will be controlled by technology. Ideally, one of the fascinating thing about it is that home technology is getting better every day. Hundred percent connectivity is expected and each household will enjoy the latest technology products. There will be an increased convenience, reduced use of energy and fully automated homes.