GPS & Car Electronics

Automobiles are a part of everyone's life in the 21st century so it is imperative that we keep our vehicles up to date with the latest technologies. In a consumer society, every company is always trying to sell you the next greatest device so it falls on the customer to do their own research to find the best devices. The following article will provide you with up to date unbiased research and reviews of the latest in car technologies such as GPS, Dash cams, Head Up Display Units and Audio and Video Players in order to help you make educated purchases.

GPS Devices

GPS Devices for many are becoming outdated due to the presence of Google Maps or Apple Maps on almost everyone's smartphone. However, for many the reliability of phone service and safety concerns that come with looking at your phone while driving are enough to get people to purchase an in car GPS device. The three main brands we recommend for high quality GPS devices are TomTom, Magellan, and Garmin. All the main devices provided by these companies offer similar features such as free lifetime maps, (certain GPS devices require a paid subscription service) high quality screen resolutions and impeccable network connection. These are all crucial aspects to a good GPS device.

If you're looking for an all inclusive high end GPS, the "Garmin nüvi 3597LMTHD" GPS is our recommendation coming in at $379.99. This device provides you with up to date traffic updates for life free of any additional charges. If you're looking for a less expensive yet equally as efficient device the "TomTom VIA" is for you, pricing in at $229.99, one hundred and fifty dollars less than its Garmin counterpart. Finally, if you're simply looking for a functional GPS to replace your smartphone or current device, the "Garmin nüvi 55" is an ideal choice providing all the key features at a $129.99 price point. For full reviews on all these devices, check out's side by side chart comparing all of these devices and their features titled "The Best GPS Devices of 2017."

Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular in the recent years as drivers look for a way to verify their side of the story in motor vehicle accidents. If you want to have more ease of mind while driving, a dash cam may be right for you. When looking for a dash cam there are a few key features you should look for that are now industry standards. Primarily, the focus should be on a wide angled lens that is able to capture a large enough area while also maintaining a high resolution video. Some other features include the ability for the camera to detect motion, even when the car is parked to ensure you're not on the receiving end of a hit and run.

The most affordable device that fits all these specifications is the Anker Roav Dash Cam at a price of $90. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, $90 is a small price to pay to ensure your investment is safe. It is highly recommended that everyone have a dash cam, especially if you are living in a busy city. Some other great options to check out are the Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam and the AutoLover A118 1.5 inch 1080p HD dash cam, priced at $130 and $53 respectively.


A HUD or heads up display provides a driver with key information on a screen directly in their line of sight while driving. It can be described as a mix of a technology and safety feature, showing information such as speed and navigation instructions without having to take your eyes off the road. HUDs are included in many new car models, however if you want one on an older model, you can buy a standalone device. HUDs display information on either the windshield or on a standalone screen.

The cost of a Heads Up Display device can add up very quickly costing upwards of $500, however we will also explore some more affordable devices. The most comprehensive device on the market is the Navdy; it displays speed and directions (even when offline) along with other configurable options while also accepting voice commands and hand-gestures making this the iPhone of HUDs costing a whopping $499. If you're looking for the next step down, the Garmin Heads Up Display provides similar functionality without all the extra, sometimes unnecessary, features. This device is less than one third of the price of the Navdy, coming in at an affordable $150.

Audio and Video Devices

For music enthusiasts, the clear choice for an upgrade to your car would be some kind of audio device. This can include many different things including a new speaker system, subwoofer, dashboard, or amplifier. For these devices, it is hard to recommend a specific device because it is more personal to what car you own. Upgrading your audio system or installing a video system requires you to have your car inspected by a professional at an auto body shop or even Best Buy. These experts will review what type of system you already have and how much room you have to upgrade your audio system. This can be a confusing field for many and can end up costing you a chunk of change so it is highly recommended you do your research before investing any money into this area. Thank you for reading, we hope you found the information you were looking for.