Consumer Electronics to Make your Life Easier

With technology continuing to have such a dominant presence in people's lives, it should come as no surprise that various electronics are popular and even necessary for both home and business use. It seems as though new gadgets are coming out all the time and sometimes it is hard to determine what will eventually stick around. This guide will go over some of the most popular electronics for consumers, home use and business use.

Consumer Electronics

The most popular consumer electronics are, perhaps predictably, things like smartphones and computers that people use on an everyday basis. Smartphones in particular combine the functions of a number of different devices into one and are now an inseparable part of many people's lives. There are plenty of different smartphone models from the major electronics companies, although the companies with the largest market share are Samsung and Apple. The operating system is not necessarily the same as the hardware, especially with the Android OS, which runs on phones from a number of different manufacturers. Apple products have their own ecosystem.

Smartwatches have been gaining in popularity as of late, with the Apple Watch holding market dominance. They largely work alongside smartphones to give simplified notifications, play music, track fitness and, of course, tell time.

While desktop computers are less common than they were before, they are particularly popular among gamers. Features gamers like to see in PCs include a strong processor, a high-end graphics card and a significant amount of internal storage. Many gamers even like to buy the parts themselves and assemble their own machine, although there are commercial models available as well. There are also a good amount of laptops geared towards gaming currently available on the market.

Home Electronics

Home electronics have gotten more high-tech too, although televisions are still standard in most living rooms. The rise of digital media has seen a decrease in demand for disc-based products, although both DVD players and Blu-Ray players are still common. Streaming services have gained exponentially in popularity and with them entire new varieties of electronics have been born and become commonplace. Roku was one of the first streaming devices available on the market and now there are streaming sticks and plenty of additional options. Many Blu-Ray players also have the ability to connect to popular streaming services.

The current trend in home electronics is towards home automation systems, particularly with thermostats. Most home automation systems can be controlled through smartphones, although smart products are available that will actually learn an individual's habits and adjust accordingly. This is great for reducing energy consumption.

Smart speakers are also quickly and dramatically gaining in popularity. When the Amazon Echo came out, most people wrote it off as yet another unnecessary gadget, but it quickly became obvious these devices can do more than just play music in your home. They can make phone calls, answer questions, play music and place orders. They also work as home automation hubs and can connect to many existing smart systems in a home. Voice-activated systems are only going to get more advanced as the years go on, to the point where sometime in the near future people will probably have fully voice-activated houses.

Business Electronics

Businesses use a number of various electronics as well. This is another primary market for more traditional desktop computers. Computers designed for business use tend to have more advanced security features and fewer bloatware programs that come pre installed. Business laptops also tend to be a little more durable and built to last than their consumer counterparts. Popular brands include HP and Dell.

However, smartphones and tablets are gaining in popularity as well. The Microsoft Surface is a popular choice for businesses because of its familiar Microsoft OS and its keyboard, which make drafting documents much easier. Apple iPads continue to be popular as cash registers for small businesses when combined with Square Readers. Many businesses provide company-issued smartphones to make scheduling and communication easier for their employees.