Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing refers to a service used by an organization that is hosted by the internet. It enables a company to use a computing resource, such as applications or storage without having their infrastructure physically in the company premises. Cloud computing is elastic and you pay as per your usage. This means that you can use its computing services when demand arises and decrease usage when demand diminishes, as well as paying depending on how you use the service.

Cloud disaster recovery refers to backup and restoring of data for a machine in a cloud computing host for security purposes. Its purpose is to help a company recover data in case of a system restore or an emergency.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Cloud Computing

As much as business continuity and cloud computing are two different business entities, they merge at some point. This is because business must continue despite catastrophes happening. All businesses require and need this cloud computing tool to be able to recover data which would ensure business continuity. Disaster recovery with cloud computing has the following benefits that make it suitable for all businesses.

 Manual backup can be eliminated. You already know that manual backup is prone to damages by fire or other natural occurrences. In a disaster recovery the data will never get lost and it can be updated and recovered anytime.

Efficiency and cost effective. With cloud disaster recovery, there is no need for manual recording. This makes it easy to retrieve and feed data while also being cost effective. It’s cost effective because there is no extra manual input that needs to be purchased as data expands.

Elasticity. This means that data is stored depending on the company needs. The amount of data does not matter. They are capable of keeping large or small amounts safe and recoverable. There’s always enough space.

Durable, reliable and recoverable. Cloud disaster recovery eliminates hard disks which are prone to damage. Therefore the data stored in cloud computing cannot be damaged or be altered. This makes it far more reliable. In the event of a natural disaster the data can be recovered and business will go on uninterrupted since its storage is remote.

Cloud-Based Backup & Recovery Service List

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  • Azure channel packages
  • MSP alliance cloud

Cloud backup and recovery providers

These providers help in eliminating hardware recoveries as well as human errors. They also ensure your company has an efficient and reliable back-up plan, hence preventing data losses. To prevent your company from losing data, consider the following cloud backup and recovery providers.

Acronis – You can consider this provider for backup, disaster recovery, to share and access data and secure file sync.

Actifio – It specializes in copy data virtualization, helping information technology to reduce cost and be efficient by reducing unnecessary duplication.

Asigra – This provider offers a purely cloud based backup recovery software called Asigra after the name of the company. It is intended for enterprise level businesses.

Carbonite – This is an online backup service is compatible with Mac and Windows and therefore gives back-up to music, videos, emails, photos and settings for these operating systems.

Dell Software – This offers database management products, including Toad for Oracle and cloud database, to conduct scalability testing and database workload replay.

Evault – This is a recovery solution for small businesses with branch offices and remote locations that need to be contacted.

FalconStor Software – This provider only offers a software storage solution which helps management simplify their storage needs.

Intronis – This provider keeps things simple and offers cloud recovery and online backup services only.

NetApp – This back up provider offers cheap enterprise data protection by use of their Alta Vault solution.

Unitrends – This provider's offering integrates virtual, cloud and physical backup systems.

Veeam – This provider offers Veeam cloud connect. This is a secure and fast way to recover data after disasters.

Veritas - They have backup and recovery software known as NetBackup. It offers e-Discovery, availability, backup, recovery and information archiving for all sizes of organizations.