Using Mobile And Cloud Business Apps To Advance Business Operations

Most business managers find themselves caught up with many activities that they must fulfill at once. Business applications play a huge role in ensuring that service delivery and monitoring can still be undertaken without the need to appear within the organization's premises.

The excellent app that should be acquired entirely depends on the duties that need to be accomplished. The single major advantage of business applications is that they help managers to improve the levels of productivity within the company. Apart from storage of information, mobile and cloud related apps contribute to enhancing synchronization of information and security.

Such factors have significantly helped to revolutionize the business landscape, and it is now possible for managers to access company information from branches in different geographical regions. Additionally, a lot of IT hardware has been eliminated from offices since all processes can be carried out on a remote computer provided there is a stable internet connection, and a monthly subscription is paid.

Mobile Business applications

  • Basecamp
    It is a significant task management application since it enables streamlining of work within the company premises. Using the app, a manager can delegate tasks irrespective of his/her location. Also, Basecamp helps in managing huge projects since it allows a user to develop a work calendar, thereby, ensuring that everyone knows what should be done at a particular time. Basecamp allows large file attachment, tracking project progress, communication within a project team, and creation of check lists.
  • Slack
    It is probably the best app for communication in a firm where all people have a common goal. Passing of information is crucial as it enables streamlining of service delivery. Slack allows easy message filtering and fast searching, which lessens the time taken to find what is needed within lengthy message threads. Using Slack, a manager can develop different communication channels for a particular theme or topic of discussion. The customization feature allows users to choose what they want to view, thereby, preventing the inbox to be filled with unnecessary messages.
  • Streak
    It a suitable app for Customer Relationship Management. Most businesses are nowadays conducted on the go thanks to the power of the internet. Streak can be integrated with other Google apps and Gmail, allowing users keep a good track of their relationship with the company. For instance, if a manager is finalizing on a deal, it is possible to view all emails associated with a particular conversation from different clients.

Suitable Cloud Business Apps

  • Box
    Box is a substitute for the conventional desktop folder application. The only difference, in this case, is that the folder exists on a remote computer, and one requires an internet connection to save data unlike for the former. Users can keep information from whichever device they use, thereby, reducing the need to rely on USB disks, which are susceptible to damage of loss. Additionally, it is possible to share files with team members and update documents that have already been saved.
  • QuickBooks
    QuickBooks is just an advancement of the desktop accounting applications that used to be relied on in the past. It is suitable for the managers as there is need to follow up on the accounting processes such as budget setting, the flow of cash within different departments, generating business reports, and developing VAT returns.
  • MozyPro
    Employees in an organization tend to be faced with numerous tasks that all need to be accomplished. MozyPro helps to plan when different activities should be undertaken. The app also supports the automation of tasks such as data backup so that they can run without much intervention. MozyPro enables a user to schedule tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Geopointe
    As a company grows, so does the need to ensure that product marketing is done over a wide geographical region. A larger marketing team creates huge challenges regarding effective management. Geopointe helps managers to know the route taken by each team member and their actual location.