Fleet, GPS, and Route Planning Software

In today's competitive market, a company needs to stay on the cutting edge of technology to thrive. Whether a company is in the business of transporting people or goods, fleet tracking and route planning can improve efficiency and reduce costs. An integrated system will allow managers to monitor what is happening in real time and compare it to the planned activity, allowing quick adjustments to keep things on track. Sticking to the management's plan, will improve customer service, maximize fleet, and optimize resource utilization. Other benefits will include reduction of fuel consumption and corresponding cost savings, as well as reduction of environmental impact of the fleet. In this article, improvements in efficiency cost savings and software options will be examined.

Improving Efficiency with Fleet Tracking and Route Planning

A crucial factor in the success of any business is that the drivers can get where they need to be, on time. Whether the vehicles are involved in repetitive routes, deliver products or pick up passengers, accuracy is of utmost importance. If drivers arrive at incorrect locations, or they make people wait, the company's reputation will suffer as will the company's profit.

Managing drivers with GPS is easier because the dispatcher can see where fleet vehicles are on a virtual map. GPS enabled routing and tracking makes destination changes or last-minute pickups much easier to navigate. A good vehicle tracking system allows dispatchers to direct drivers to where they need to be with great accuracy, allowing the dispatcher to find the closest driver for any delivery or pickup, so they arrive as quickly as possible.

Improved efficiency through Fleet Tracking leads to:

  • Reduction in Time Spent on Administration – Many aspects of route scheduling and optimization can be automated. However, one has to ensure that the time is invested on the front end to provide input of the data necessary for the desired result.
  • Fuel Savings – Improved efficiency will reduce total miles necessary to provide services.
  • Time Savings – In any business time is money. Saving time will allow the company to provide more services.
  • Allows Dispatchers to Dispatch Drivers Quickly and Accurately – Customer service will benefit and profits will increase.

Cost Savings from Route Optimization

With the improved routing, fleet vehicles are traveling the best routes to each destination and avoiding traffic congestion whenever possible. The result is a reduction in fuel costs, as well as savings in time. Since the business will be making the most of the resources, it can provide more services during the course of each business day.

GPS Tracking and Route Planning Software Options

There are many options on the market for GPS Tracking and Route Planning software that provides the ability to integrate GPS, route optimization, and planning. The size and type of business, as well as the computing platform, will determine which option is best for any company. Options are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Cloud. This resource provides a comprehensive listing of software options for businesses that are looking to implement GPS and routing technology for fleets used in the transportation of goods and services, However, if an agency is the in the business of transporting people, This listing will provide a better resource for public transit services.